Ultra trail Midžor 57km 2.450D+


The favourite distance and the most massive start of 2018 of Ultra Trail Stara Planina is no other but the trail of 57 km with 2,400 m of ascent and descent. Whoever wants to try his first ultra or simply enjoy Stara could not go for better track. The race starts on Saturday, June 1, 2019 from Jabučko ravnište (Stara Planina Hotel) at 7 AM together with the races at 36 and 94 km. This is the only trail that hasn’t changed, everything remains the same as before. The path leads you along the ski trail across Babin zub and at the very start you will have 2,5 km of ascent.The descent also follows the ski trail by the Plaža Restaurant. There is no control point here anymore, but you can take water here (no refilling allowed).

After that you will enter the well-know macadam path that leads to Midžor, the highest peak of Stara planina. You will find the refreshments 2 km before Midžor (9th km of the race, water, sweets, no refill, just limited consummation). At that point the runners of 36 km race will go to the left, while you proceed to the right along the broad path towards Midžor, where the first control point will be set by the old frontier post at the 11th km from the start. That would be CP1 at Midžor and from there on you will proceed by the ridge and along the narrow goat paths above 1,800 mamsl all the way to the impressive peak of Vražija glava from where you will go to the right and downhill to Beleđe and CP2. Along the way you will come across several springs and streams with drinking water. Beleđe is located some 26 km from the start, and there you will have drop bag, substantial refreshments and water refill. Unlike previous years, the big “refresh point” will not be set here anymore for you but in the village of Topli Do.

Continue downhill towards Topli Do where CP3 will be set at the 43rd km from the start. Control point is now set at another installation, on the way to Plaža, 200 m by asphalt road from the bridge (more information will follow as of March). There you will have warm food, massage, water refill. After CP3 an ascent will follow, up to CP4 that will be set at 53rd km from the start (Plaža). At CP4 you will have water and food and less than 5 km to the finish gate – Stara Planina Hotel/ Jabučko ravnište.

Time limits:

  • CP3 – Topli Do 5 PM (10 hrs from the start)

  • Finish – Jabučko ravnište 8 PM (13 hrs from the start)

ITRA rating: 3 points, mountain 5. Profile, map and details can be found at https://tracedetrail.fr/fr/trace/trace/66466

Required equipment: survival blanket, rain/wind jacket, mobile phone, cup and whistle. Penalties of 30 mins will be applied if any of these is missing. If two or more items are missing, the disqualification will follow. We recommend that you have poles, but bear in mind that you cannot leave them at the posts. We strongly recommend that you have GPS with the route of the race recorded! You must be semi-autonomous (water, gels, etc.).

All additional information regading the race will be laid out in the final e-mail and during the technical meeting on Friday, May 31 at 9:30 PM at Stara Planina Hotel (one of the conference halls).

You can get your starting package at the race office at Stara Planina Hotel on Friday, May 31 from 3 PM to 11 PM. The packages must be picked up in person. Medical certificate is obligatory for this race, no older than one year. GPS record of the trail can be downloaded here.

Applications are open from Friday, October 5, 2018 from 11 AM until Tuesday, April 30, 2019, 4 PM (the payment has to be made up to this time). Within the participant package the runner will get a Compressport ultra kleka T-shirt if the registration fee is settled up to January 15. After that time an active T-shirt will be part of the package instead. The amount of registration fee is 4,800 RSD (EUR 40).
Applications can be submitted through trka.rs portal, as usual. Bus with the participants (45 seats) will operate as it did the year before. Anyone who pays the registration fee and wants to be on the participants bus will have to pay extra 1,500 RSD at the same payment reference number. Therefore, the same day you decide to pay the registration fee, you can book your seat on the bus immediately with another payment. The bus leaves on May 31, at 4 PM from Kombank arena parkin lot. It will be taking the participants back on Sunday at 11:30 AM in front of Stara Planina Hotel.

Those who do not make the extra payment within the registration fee, will not be included in the bus list.

Each participant must wear their starting number in the visible place, on the chest or on the belt, frontally. It can be on the jacket or shirt, but must not be covered by jacket! The loss of the starting number means automatic disqualification. If the need for complaints arise, contact as at skyrunning.serbia@gmail.com within 48 hours after the race. After this time no complaints will be taken into consideration.

Limit: 299 runners at 57 km!

The race will be scored within Serbian Skyrunning League for 2019 in the format of sky ultra. Each race on the Ultra Trail of Stara planina carries 50% more points in the 2019 season.

For accomodation for all participants in 57 km race we recommend the mountain lodge near Babin zub at Jabučko ravnište (4 km from the start), Stara Planina Hotel, private houses or a camp, which is just above the start in the forest. If you decide to stay at the mountain lodge Šum at Crni vrh village, you willl have to provide yourself with a vehicle since the lodge is 10 km away from the start/finish of the race. If you choose the camp, note that the end of May may be quite fresh at that height, so bring your winter equipment. We will provide more information in January in our new race guide.

Link for weather forecast – https://www.yr.no/place/Serbia/Other/Babin_Zub/long.html

Link for live tracking of runners remains the same and will be updated with the new event in due time – https://staraplanina.livetrail.net/

Awards ceremony: Stara Planina Hotel, Sunday, June 2 at 10:30 AM at start/finish gate. In case of bad weather, the ceremony will be held in the hotel hall. The first three places in both categories, men and women, will receive the awards. From 2019 we will introduce age categories, as well.

Get ready for the seventh edition of the race you can’t afford to miss! See you at Stara planina!

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Race Guide Stara Planina 2018