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Photo: Ultra trkač Srbija


Jovica Spajic is a member of the Special Anti-Terrorist Unit operating under the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Serbia, where he has been working since 2008. He works as a fitness instructor in his unit. He was born in Priboj in 1987.

He is the holder of black belt in jiu-jitsu and judo, and a very good practitioner of MMA skills. He has also participated in CrossFit competitions.

He mastered the following courses and training:

  • Summer and Winter Alpine Mountaineering Course
  • Free Climbing Course
  • Parachuting Course
  • Skiing Course
  • Extreme Condition Survival Training Course
  • Topography Course
  • Diving Course

He published a book, “Conquer Yourself” in 2015 in which he writes about the physical and mental preparation for endurance sports.

He achieved the following results in endurance sports and ultramarathons:

  • As of 2012, he has participated in many international races at 100 miles – all the results are available on the official website of “DUV ultra marathon statistics”
  • He was the only representative of the Balkans in the “Sahara Race” in 2012. This is a 250 km long race in which Jovica won the 17th place and the 5th place in his category among 250 competitors from all over the world
  • He took part in IAU 24 Hours and 100 km run which was held at Palic in 2014. He broke the 24 Hours record of Serbia having run 222,221km
  • He participated in the Tor des Geants Race in 2014. This mountain ultramarathon in the Alps is 333 km long with 24,000 m of ascent
  • He participated in Icarus Florida Ultra Fest in 2014). It was a six-day run on a certified course which was attended by the best ultramarathon runners of the world. He won the 2nd place in the overall competition, and the 1st his age category, having run a new national record of 682.3 km
  • Ultra Marathon in Italy, “Milan – San Remo” (2014) – 283 km long course at high altitudes. Elite mountain runners participate in this race and Jovica was among top 10 in the final standings and first in his category. Finish time 41 hours and 13 minutes. 85% of all the competitors did not finish he race.
  • He finished the world’s legendary race “Badwater” in Death Valley, USA in 2015. He ran the 217 km extreme ultra marathon where he won the 8th place in final standings and 2nd in his category.
  • 24H World Championship in Italy – Torino in 2015. He represented Serbia in the competition.
  • He participated in the World Cup “World Trophy” in Athens (2016). It was a six-day ultramarathon where he won the first place and set a new record of a staggering 702 km.
  • He participated in “La Ultra – The High” Race in Himalayas in 2016 where he won the first place with fellow runner from Australia Grant Maughan. The race is 333 km long and is held in the Indian part of the Himalayas at an altitude between 3,800 mamsl and 5,650 mamsl

Jovica’s goal is to awaken and motivate other people with his results, to make them understand that they can break the limits and conquer themselves. He wants to inspire others to be persistent, dedicated and to believe in their way deep inside.

Whether he is faced with a race or life problems, he never surrenders.

For this reason, Jovica and his friends founded the racing community, “Ultra Runner Serbia” for all the people who are inspired by his achievements. If you want to learn more about this community you can do so through their social networks and media throughout Serbia. Furthermore Jovica points out a problem of Angelman syndrome and often helps people struggling with this serious disease which is a great motivation for him as he is setting an example to others.

A new challenge in 2017 for our most successful ultramarathon runner (whose specialty is rough terrain and brutal weather conditions) comes from the Arctic, where he will face “Yukon Arctic Ultra” ( Perhaps the greatest challenge of his career is yet to come – a path 430 mile long with temperatures below 40. His decision to choose this race is just another confirmation of the international status that he holds in the world of extreme endurance racing – that of a “Serbian wolf” (as his fellow runners call him) with excellent results in all meridians. The pride of his people and uncompromising fighter in all conditions that require high degree of various skills, knowledge, exceptional physical condition and extraordinary mental strength.

Having said all the above, we are truly pleased that Jovica took the initiative and decided to become an ambassador of “Ultra Trail Stara planina” – the most difficult and the highest mountain ultra of Serbia. According to him this is a race of huge potential and he is more than willing to selflessly promote our natural resources, culture and sport. We believe that together, with enthusiasm, dedication and perseverance we will welcome many mountain runners from all over the world thus raising the quality of our competitors who are constantly improving. Undoubtedly, Jovica will contribute to our mutual goal a lot.

The hospitality of the residents of Stara planina and Knjazevac is a thing widely known and we will do our best for you to leave with the most beautiful impressions and fully enjoy the unspoiled, mystical border trails of the Balkans.

Skyrunning Serbia & Tourist Organization of Knjazevac Municipality